Body-Worn Camera Policiesin Mississippi

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State Overview

Mississippi has no state policy regarding the use of body-worn cameras, including no requirement that departments use cameras, no policies around the use of cameras or the use of data captured using body-worn cameras.

The state appropriates no funding to equip law enforcement agencies with body-worn cameras. In their examination of local policies, the ACLU of Mississippi found varying policies between jurisdictions, resulting in disparities throughout the state that serve to undermine transparency and trust in law enforcement.


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Recording Policy

Mississippi state law sets no standards for recording policies for local law enforcement agencies.

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Data Policy

State law does not speak to data retention or access policies for body-worn camera footage.

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Body-Worn Camera Requirement

State law does not require law enforcement agencies to use body-worn cameras.

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The state does not appropriate funding specifically for body-worn camera for local law enforcement agencies.

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