Community Supervision


Originally created as an alternative to incarceration for lower-risk offenders and a way to provide additional supervision to higher-risk individuals leaving prison, probation began as an innovative tool to increase public safety, but has grown to become a common practice that, when used excessively, can actually undermine public safety. Supervision can be a helpful tool when needed, not tacked on as a perfunctory addition to every criminal sentence.1

Community Supervision-02
Group_21 (3)

Appropriate use of probation

Does the community supervision rate reflect considered, judicious usage of supervision?

40 points

Group_21 (4)

Duration and extent of supervision

Are there reasonable limits on the duration of supervision?

20 points

Group_21 (5)

Supervision fees

Are fees affordable and is nonpayment handled in a way that encourages continue reporting?

20 points

Group_21 (6)

Sanction and revocation policy

Does the state have graduated sanctions that prevent re-incarceration for minor technical violations?

20 points