Body-Worn Camera Policiesin Louisiana

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State Summary

Louisiana enacted a policy in 2021 that requires the adoption of policies for body-worn cameras by departments, though it establishes no guidelines for the policies. The law requires that dash cams be activated whenever the vehicle’s emergency lights are activated.


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Recording Policy

Louisiana requires local departments to establish policies for the use of body-worn cameras, but establishes no standards for those policies.1

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Data Policy

State law prevents the release of footage that violates an individual’s reasonable expectation of privacy.2

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Body-Worn Camera Requirement

State law does not require law enforcement agencies to use body-worn cameras.

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To the extent local law enforcement agencies are funded by the state, a portion of those funds can support the purchase and maintenance of body-worn cameras to promote safety and accountability in policing. Proceeds from forfeited assets can also be prioritized for the purchase and maintenance of body-worn cameras. While Louisiana does use state dollars to fund local law enforcement agencies, the state does not appropriate funding specifically for body-worn cameras.

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1. LA Rev Stat § 40:2551
2. LA Rev Stat § 44:3