Freedom to Drivein Louisiana

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No suspensions for justice debt

Louisiana law allows for suspensions of driver’s licenses for nonpayment of justice debt. The statute allows for individuals to use a temporary license for up to 180 days while working to pay off the fines. In practice, these provisions are not widely utilized. Hardship waivers are available but implementation varies between jurisdictions.

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No suspensions for drug violations

Louisiana law prevents suspensions for controlled substance violations unrelated to driving. The law allows for license suspensions for underage drinking, regardless of whether the offense was related to driving.

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No suspensions for other nonviolent offenses

Louisiana law allows for the suspension of licenses for failure to appear, even if the original charge was completely unrelated to driving. The state does provide a warning to individuals charged with failure to appear and gives them a window of 180 days to pay associated fines or appear before the court. Licenses can be suspended for non-payment of civil judgments, taxes, child support and fuel theft to list a few. These provisions provide some exceptions for individuals who are currently incarcerated or who are unable to pay, and also prevent suspension for individuals who have entered an arrangement to pay income taxes.

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