Parole Eligibility & Earned Time Provisionsin Louisiana

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State Summary

Louisiana’s recent reforms established broad parole eligibility provisions for most people incarcerated in the state, and ensure that good behavior incentives are available. Presumptive parole ensures that decisions aren’t denied on an arbitrary basis.


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Broad Eligibility

Most offenses are eligible for parole in Louisiana.1

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Good Behavior Incentives

Most individuals incarcerated in Louisiana are eligible for parole or good time release, establishing incentives for good behavior.2

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Louisiana’s law allows for presumptive parole when most conditions of confinement are met. The 2018 discretionary parole grant rate of 53% and reflects a reasonable consideration of cases for parole.3 These rates suggest that the parole system is relatively effective, strategical granting of parole on a regular basis.

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Geriatric Parole, Medical Parole, and Compassionate Release

Louisiana has a medical treatment furlough policy, allowing for the transfer of those with significant health or mobility issues.

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